About Us

Keystroke Investments and Development Inc. is a software development company that focuses on business solutions. Our objective is to use our abilities, experience and analysis to provide our clients with a logical, simple to use, and automated process for their business activities.

Characteristics of our Systems

  • Efficient
  • Accurate
  • Logical
  • Easy to use
  • Customized
  • Can Grow
  • Responsive (Mobile Ready)
  • Cost-effective


  • Reduces Delays
  • Cut on Losses
  • Simplify Process
  • Accurate Reports
  • Give Accountability


Keystroke Investments and Development, Inc. is a Philippine based software development company focused on providing business solution tailor fitted to the user’s needs.
The company was established on March 2004 and has built numerous programs using Microsoft .net, and PHP. We have also built websites, WordPress themes, and WordPress plugins.

In the years Keystroke has been operating, we have catered to clients both here and abroad. We’ve had extensive experience analyzing and developing for a wide range of projects from various industries such as retail, wholesale, restaurant, hotel, banking, financial, real estate, medical, education, entertainment, and government.

Keystrokes’ focus is on customized browser based responsive business solutions. Our analysts specialize in business and finance. Our systems simplify processes and give quantitative analytical reports.

Who we are:

Analysts – We are analysts by profession. Analyzing processes to make them more efficient and effective is what we do. We study figures and trends to find the best investments and returns without taking risks, this is our hobby. We design logical systems that reduce redundancy, increase productivity, cut down on losses, implements accountability, and generate analytical and financial reports.

Software Developers – Our developers are seasoned business application developers. We have handled multiple languages, however right now we focus on PHP. We use the codeignter framework, however we can use other frameworks needed. When we develop we make sure that the system is dynamic and robust, none of our fields are hard coded. We also take into consideration that as a company grows systems have to change, that is why we build our system modular so changes will not affect any other part of the system.

Designers – User experience is important to a system. A good system must have a good design to go with it. Our designers pay close attention to usability, the systems we build are not only fully responsive but are easy to use in any device. We make sure that the system does not load slowly. We keep our systems clean and without clutter. Our systems give instructions on every page.

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