Web Development

Every one uses laptops,mobile devices and tablets to search and browse over the internet. When they look for a product or service they always want to see the website. Having a website for your business is as important as having a business address. The constant updating of the content of your website shows your site is active and will bring your rank up on the search engines, while changing your design every year or two shows that you are up to date with the trends. Keystroke offers to develop your site in CMS following the latest standards, with the latest technologies.

CMS or Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla makes it easy for you to maintain your own website. You can change your content as simply as typing a letter and you can update and remove your own pictures. However CMS has limitations and for that reason Keystroke offers building you plug-ins to help you manage your site with ease. Plug-ins are small programs that attach to your CMS so that it can perform additional tasks that are not available on CMS (e.g. shopping carts, registration forms, calculators, etc.) Keystroke can cater to special requirements deemed necessary to help you reach your desired goal.

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